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  2. This one is going to be worth watching. The latest 12z GFS and 12z ECMWF are starting to come into agreement on a potential Winter Storm impacting portions of the Southeast and Middle Atlantic Region this coming weekend. The GFS has been hinting at this for the past several runs, as well as the EURO, but the GFS has been more bullish in terms of higher snowfall. The previous ECMWF have hinted at this up until 12z but totals were way down. Now the ECMWF is becoming more in line with the the GFS run. I live just outside of the Hickory area in Western North Carolina, the 12z GFS has m
  3. Bryant actually has great things for WSV3 and GR 🙂
  4. Excited for the new version of ForecastLab to roll out!

  5. The following are free additions that you can use on your WSV3 software. Almany Designs - WSV3 Color Palettes (Click Here) Almany Designs - WSV3 Header Logos (Click Here) Almany Designs - WSV3 Map Styles (Click Here)
  6. The below links are too free color tables in which you can use for your Gibson Ridge products. Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge Level 3 Reflectivity Tables (Click Here) Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge Level 3 Velocity Tables (Click Here) Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge GR Earth Mesoanalysis Tables (Click Here) Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge GR Earth Precip Type Tables (Click Here) Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge GR Earth Satellite Tables (Click Here)
  7. Near Real-Time Lightning Plot total lightning data (intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground) near real-time. 20 to 60 minute combined lightning strikes - https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/60lightning.php 20 to 40 minute combined lightning strikes - https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/40lightning.php 20 minute lightning strikes - https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/20lightning.php (Sampled every 4 minutes) Thunderstorm Outlooks The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma issues convective (thunderstorms) outlooks and discussions for significant weather impacts. Availa
  8. You can check out the requirement specs for WSV3 Here. I have personally have WSV3 a few times on my Windows PC. Although you have a lot more options with WSV3, you will need quite a bit of free space and a great internet speed to get the best optimal experience from you. If you are looking for something that will provide you with general weather features like Satellite, Radar, METARs, Recon Data, etc., but doesn't require as much space on your PC and doesn't lag down your internet speeds, I would suggest Gibson Ridges GREarth with a subscription to the AllisonHouse data for it.
  9. Will WSV3 run on my IMac, or will it take a PC running Windows 10? I have both.
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