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  1. Bryant actually has great things for WSV3 and GR 🙂
  2. Excited for the new version of ForecastLab to roll out!

  3. Hello Everyone, I recently toured the National Hurricane Center (February 6 2020), and I found my passion again for Meteorology. I've always loved the weather, and have been so busy with things. I want to know launching the organization, who would want to come back? I want to launch this in honor of Dan, and I have some new ideas that James had wanted to accomplish. Lets get this up and going. The Forums will be a point of contact for the public to be able to interact with us. I have some new plans to phase out JPainter, and issue map products with google maps!
  4. This never formed 🙂 @A. Schronce was right!! He's the king at Tropical Weather!
  5. Here are some FREE web sites for Computer Weather Models! Tropical Tidbits Weather Nerds (Thanks to @A. Schronce) COD Pivotal Weather (Free & Paid Subscriptions) Let's continue to add to this list 🙂
  6. WOAH! If you're in Florida.. Hope you love heat! heat index today will be near or at 110 degrees! YIKES! Stay hydrated, and happy 4th of July!
  7. WOW! This is an interesting evening across the DDC CWA! Here's the AFD text.. focus on the short term wording! There was some destructive tornadoes across the area!
  8. Thank God I don't get snow here 😄
  9. Temps looking amazing here in Florida! Hitting near 90s!
  10. Yeah, I didn't even agree with NHC.. They dropped it to 10%, and I suspect by the next update, it should be dropped. We'll see what happens!
  11. You don't see this every day 3 inch hail, and the wording that says this is a very dangerous storm! WOW! RADAR
  12. Ping Pong Ball Size Hail and decent rotation!
  13. NICE Hail and Rotation! Ping Pong Ball Size Hail being reported here!
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