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Registration Terms

USA Weather Forum Rules and Regulations

Welcome to USA Weather! We are so happy that you have decided to join our Community. It is imperative that you follow the following rules.

By registering for the forums, you agree you are above the age of 13. If you are found using a false birth date, your account will be permanently banned. While our team of Administrators and Moderators do ensure account is age appropriate, we have to follow strict rules as set forth by the Government.


  • Threatening Messages, Posts, or Conversations will not be tolerated in this Community. If this type of activity is reported, depending on the severity, the offender may be immediately removed from the community.
    • These warnings never expire, and they will be kept on file if offender is not immediately banned.
  • Acts of Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated in this Community. While we cover this in our post guidelines, it is imperative that if you own a copyrighted work, you must watermark and/or cite the material. If you are given permission to display a copyrighted work from its respectful owner, you must cite the owner in your post, image media, etc.
    • Violations of copyright will occur a warning between one to three points. This will be up to the discretion of the Moderators and Administration.

Topical Posts

  • We expect that you will remain on topic with the forums, as with respect to the categories you are posting in. For General Off Topic conversations, we offer an Off Topic Lounge, that is to be kept PG rated. We will generally give you a written warning for your first off topic notice before receiving warning points. IF you post a topic that is not rated G or PG, you will receive a warning point. Depending on the topic, a moderator may give you a temporary ban from the forums per discretion.
  • Do not post anything threatening, or illegal content. If you post any threatening or illegal content, you will be given a warning, with likely termination of your forum account.
    • This includes Copyrighted Material. You may not post any Copyrighted Material on our forums. If you have any questions, you may contact a forum administrator.
  • Do not post the same post multiple times. Posting the same post multiple times will result in action being taken against your account for SPAM. 

Private Messaging

  • You may use the Private Messaging System at your sole discretion. If you use the system to SPAM, your rights to the PM system will be taken. Repeated action will result in a warning.


Clubs / Sub Communities

Our Forum System allows for the creation of Clubs. This will allow you to make your own page and topics that you wish to discuss. While we embrace creation, clubs must be appropriate, and age material. Furthermore, your community must follow the guidelines set forth by this Organization. Failure to do so will result in a Club Violation Warning, and your club being disabled and/or deleted. Clubs also must meet the following specific guidelines:

  • Issuing your own warnings, watches, advisories, etc are not allowed. As this Organization issues products, you may share the organization products in your club, or share the National Weather Service products. 
    • We do allow you to create more local based forecasts, such as a 7 day forecast or Weather Story. Local based warnings and other time sensitive information should come from the National Weather Service, and/or this organization, and shall be noted with such disclaimer that it may not be real time information.
      • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a Club Violation Warning, and depending on the severity may result in more than one point being issued.
  • Linked to inappropriate content is prohibited, and will carry a 2 point Club Violation Warning.
    • Depending on the severity of the content, more than 2 points will be assessed. 


Warning System

The USA Weather Forum System utilizes a warning system. You can be warned for various reasons at the discretion of the staff. When  you receive a warning, you will be notified about the following:

  • Warning Reason / Offense that Occurred
  • Note Explaining why you were warned, and any rule violations
  • Warning Points
  • When and if warning points expire. Low end violations allow for points to expire after set time
  • Any Penalties assessed with the warning

The Warning System is as follows:

  • Once your account hits 7 points, your account will be permanently banned from our system.
    • Should Administrators decide to forego a permanent ban, and offer Amnesty, they may do so. You can appeal warnings in official writing to the Administration.
    • After 3 warnings, you will begin receiving bans from the forum until you reach 7 points.
      • 4 Points will result in a 2 day ban
      • 5 Points will result in a 4 day ban
      • 6 points will result in a 6 day ban
      • 7 Points will result in a permanent ban 

Changes to Rules

  • Rules may change with little or no warning. When there is a change, you will be notified immediately.
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